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Kristoffer Larsen BIG HEART Foundation

Big Heart Foundation

A note of thanks from founder and father Tormod Larsen

What a fantastic start ​on February the Heart month.... BIG HEART  with the help of many sponsors including the Geneva Community Chest was able to screen 1488 students at Geneva High School on February 1st. It accounts for about 77% of the student population at GHS! We are so thankful and could not done it without you:

  • Our ~150 volunteers that took time out of their busy days to attend both training and the screening itself
  • The entire GHS staff that worked tirelessly and never complained to make this event go so smoothly led my Mr. Tom Rogers, the main office and the custodian staff
  • Young Hearts for Life that runs such a efficient program that we could bring to GHS
  • All the BIG HEART 5K runners that helped raise awareness and the funds
  • All  the generous donations we have received from around the world
  • Lumes for the breakfast for our volunteers - Joseph's Meat, Chili's, Chic-Fil-A and Fresh Market for lunch and Grahams and Fridays for raffle prices for the students
  • Our amazing sponsors that made it possible to provide this screening at no cost to the students, but also create a foundation for a recurring program and also approach larger scale initiatives.
  • Northwestern Memorial Foundation that showed how much the care about our community, by both being a great sponsor and bringing a large contingent of motivated volunteers
  • The city of Geneva as a whole for all the support...from city hall through the various  organizations like 100 Women Who Care and Geneva Community Chest who supported us both financially and with volunteers...Geneva is a BIG HEART Community
  • Danielle Dobies for making the 2018 BIG HEART Community award plaque
  • All the students at Geneva that both embraced the importance of the screening, but also helped us achieve the participation (i.e. Vikings for the Community) and helped with setup and tear down (i.e. Girls Track team)...


We have exciting things coming up so it is not much time to slow down:

  • The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) has asked us to help them create theirs Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Death awareness program with the plan to launch it July/August 2018 (training and screening initiatives to follow)
  • Develop and launch a informational website with up to date media content
  • The 2nd BIG HEART 5K - August 18th